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Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

The seller sent the item on time and this shoulder strap fit my bag perfectly and it is extremely comfortable. – Eric, NC

Durable and roomy enough for a larger water bottle. Clips on to a rolling husky tool bag I use at work. Would recommend this product. – Jerry, LA

Item arrived two days after ordered and was exactly as described. I was looking for a case to hold a smaller camera and just an extra battery, SD card, mini tripod, and this does the job nicely. It is for my daughter, and because of the cloth material instead of metallic case she is able to sew on a bunch of colorful patches to personalize it.  - John, CA

I bought this for a safari trip in Tanzania with a pop-top jeep. It worked perfectly. I may have been able to use the medium size just fine, but this one worked great with the two telephoto lenses and the set up in the pop-top jeep. It took 4 kilos of beans to fill it well enough to still have a little give when I rested my lens on it. It was heavy, and once I put it on the edge of the opening of our jeep, I didn’t need to worry about it falling, because it had enough weight to keep it in place. The material is heavy-duty and the seams are sturdy. The construction is very good. - C, CA

I was very skeptical that a beanbag should cost so much, but my wife was frustrated by the slipperiness of the cheap solution of beans in a zip lock. While on safari in Tanzania, we found the Grizzly bag to be perfect. The bag can be used over a windowsill with the bottom v-notch, or used in the pop-up roof to span the gap between the roof sill and the equipment rail.

We have a Nikon D300 and a 200-400mm zoom; the large bag provided an ideal rest. The support is stable enough to comfortably let go of the camera and it doesn’t move. It’s the support of a tripod, but with none of the hassle inside a vehicle. We had our bag filled with 4 kg of beans we purchased after we arrived. - David, CA

A professional photographer recommended the bag. It is just what I needed. I use it every time I take photos from the car. I could only find it on line. - Julie, TX

I have a new eBay store and take my own photos to post. I was finding it difficult to get the picture quality I needed. I purchased one Wild Grizzly Bean Bag to experiment with and it helped me stabilize my camera perfectly! I get clearer pictures now, faster than ever, without using a tri-pod. Also, I have purchased the larger one to take with me in the car. I find a lot of great scenes to photograph when I go on road trips and need to capture them quickly. I simply park along the roadside, put the window down, place my camera on my Grizzly Bean Bag and shoot! I’m a satisfied customer!  - Gail, NJ

I enjoy doing a lot of close-up work in my nature photography and many times even my mini tripod could not get low enough to the ground for the shots I needed. I have used this bean bag a number of times (both in landscape mode and portrait mode) at ground level and am very pleased with the stability it provides. I do highly recommend using a cable release when using the bean bag to eliminate any camera movement that could occur when depressing the shutter. Filled my bag with rice and love the handy carrying handle incorporated into the design. - Keith, MI

I’ve had this bean bag for a couple months now, 3 weeks of which were spent on safari in the Serengeti, and a week biking, hiking, and climbing Prescott, AZ before that.

This thing held up perfectly and came home like new – and it got thrown around, dropped off the top of the vehicle multiple times, got stepped on incessantly by hiking boots, got kicked and dragged along rock and dirt, got eaten AND digested by a lion (not really), set on sharp metal, AND was used as a football on several occasions.

The photographers in my group commented on how neat it was and wished they had thought to bring one. My father (with whom I have an epic photo battle on trips like this) brought one of those little inflatable ones and vowed to ditch it for the Wild Grizzly before the next trip. Because of this product (in combination with a remote shutter), my pictures are nice and crisp and can be blown up if I decide to frame them one of these days. A favorite shot from the trip is one of a purple and blue lizard (if you’ve been there, you know the kind I’m talking about). When I shot the picture, I had my camera resting hands-free on the bean bag, which was perched securely on a vertical stick that was about ¾ inch in diameter. Picture that in your head for a second… The bag didn’t even THINK about falling off the stick. Needless to say, setting it on top of the vehicle was a breeze. This thing came home filthy, but after throwing it in the washer/dryer it looked like new.

I have also used it to steady my hunting rifle which works just as well as for a camera. I would (and do) HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who shoots photos and/or guns. This is the best thing on the market for that purpose and it will NEVER break or tear. It is really easy to fill (I used rice) and it holds about 5 pounds of whatever. Lastly, customer service with this company is some of the best I’ve experienced, and are a pleasure to deal with. If I could add a sixth star, I would. - Brian, AZ

My little Molly would benefit by your love for Jenny, your understanding of parent/doggie issues and your creativity in developing this product (and expanding it to the little doggie market). Good luck! – Stephanie, CA

A great stable bean bag for use with any lens/camera combination. I would definitely recommend this to anyone. - William, CA

I bought these as a gift for my MIL and Best Friend for throwing me a baby shower. I wanted to give them something in return since they "showered me". Well I heard from them this past weekend and they love the soaps. My MIL came over and told me to smell her arm and you could still smell a hint of the rose petal soap. They also said it made their skin very soft. - Robyn, CA

The Yukon, a fabulous gear bag with lots of room to store all those small and medium items that seem to drift around in your pack or camera gear bag. Lots of interior dividers without being bulky; lightweight but still solidly constructed. The Outer walls are lightly padded too, so that if you have odd shapes in there, or its very full, nothing will poke you if its on your hip belt. The foam also helps to keep the whole thing from collapsing down and making finding your items harder. Added to a belt it would also make a great alternative to a 'fanny pack' if you wanted to go light on a hike or around town while traveling. Deceptive how much it will hold while making everything really organized & accessible. Love it! - Megan, CA

Best answer to next to the ground photos I have experienced. Should have bought one of these items years ago. - Robert CA

Product was better than expected. I would highly recommend. - Linda TN

This is an awesome pad for my camera strap. I was looking for a padded strap because my camera and longer lenses get quite heavy around my neck and it hurts. This fixes the problem and it's got more padding than a strap and it protects my neck, yea!!! - Nancy CO

The Bean Bag works really well on my car as well as other surfaces. Pretty heavy filled with rice, but very stable. Great purchase! - Judith, PA

The Grizzly bean bag really can't be beat for the money. I took it for a weeklong trip along the west coast of FL and put it through some tough terrain including: sand, salt water, and mud. At the end of the day it held up to everything and cleaned up nicely. - M. FL

Great bean bag for camera. I have used this several times -- filled it with small plastic styrofoam beads to make it very lightweight, and it works great wherever you put it for steadying your camera. I have used it on a horse farm shoot, and didn't have to carry a heavy tripod - just put it over a fence and used my 300mm lens and it was very stable. Even used it inside a stable putting it on top of a gate to steady the camera for high dynamic range shooting, and it worked beautifully. I carry it all the time in my vehicle so it will be handy if needed. - C. WV

I took this beanbag on a photo trip to Custer State Park in South Dakota to photograph bison and other wildlife. I balanced a 100-600 mm lens on my car window with it and got very sharp, publishable photos with it. It worked great! - Norman, SD
Really good bean bag. Well made and will work out just fine for my field trips. It's a good price compared to others that run closer to $100. Highly recommend this product. I did get the Styrofoam fill for it, but I added some sunflower seeds to make it just a little heavier. Felt better with the seeds in addition to the Styrofoam beads. - Roger, WI
The Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bag is A big help with my macro photography. I love it, it works great. My tripod is just to large. By using the Grizzly I can place my camera anywhere, on the ground, fallen trees, rocks, even piles of leaves. It has held the camera steady, no shaking
Thanks Grizzly - Woodchuck.TX
I use a Tamrac Rally 4 camera bag for my Fuji mirrorless system. It is a great bag with plenty of room for lenses up to my 50-200 f/4.8, pockets in fromt and back and even side mesh pockets for water bottle and eye glass case. However, the shoulder strap has no padding at all so this great bag, which holds all that I need, quickly becomes a pain in the neck. The Grizzly Shoulder Pad makes a noticable difference and made this bag far more usable for walking around for several hours. My strap is 2 inches wide and the Grizzly accomadates up to 2 inches so it worked out perfectly. Highly recommended if your shoulder strap lacks proper padding. Note, it includes one pad not two, so ideal for shoulder bag. For backpack you would need to order two. -  Albert, TX
I bought a laptop bag and the strap had no padding. It was cutting into my shoulder so I looked for a pad solve the problem. Luckily I found this wonderful solution on Amazon. The pad is very thick and is so comfortable. It blends into the style of my bag so its not noticeable that it was an add-on. Highly recommended! - Mark, WA
The Snake River is the best drink holder I've ever had. - Zuriel, NM



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