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Filling Instructions for Filling the Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bag

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Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bag


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What to use when filling your Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bag?

There are three camera bean bag fills that we recommend.Whichever you pick, try to fill completely.The more fill, the better the support.

When placing the Grizzly Bean Bag on a flat surface, perhaps on the hood of a car or picnic table, it sometimes works better if you use it upside down.The bean bag works great on the ground for close-ups, flowers, birds, small wildlife and everything low.

Light weight camera bean bag.Poly Beads have static, read instructions on back.

Use our Wild Grizzly light weight polystyrene beads sold on Amazon and the Grizzly website.These will make the Grizzly Camera Bean Bag very light and easy to carry in your hand, on your camera bag or birding bag, or on a backpack.The Grizzly Camera bean bag will still grip your car window, rocks, tree limbs, etc.But remember the lightness of the bag reduces its griping power, but the weight of the camera and lens helps to plant the bean bag.The polystyrene beads do hold static electricity, so please fill your bean bag in a large bowl, a box or the kitchen sink.They tend to jump around a lot.

Medium weight camera bean bag.

The Medium weight provides a little more gripping power to the camera bean bag and also more weight to carry if you will be walking or hiking over a great distance.Just mix out Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bag, half and half with our Polystyrene Beads and one of the following; beans, split peas, rice, millet, buckwheat hulls, whole or cracked corn, sunflower seeds, bird seed and even sand.

Heavy weight camera bean bag.

For maximum gripping power, fill your Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bag with one or more of the following; beans, split peas, rice, millet, buckwheat hulls, whole or cracked corn, sunflower seeds, bird seed and even sand.These will provide the security and steadiness when using longer lens, on a boat or in a windy situation.Naturally, when filled with these heavy materials, they will be difficult to carry over longer distances.

“Wild Grizzly Goes Where Want to Go”

The heavier fills are easy but the poly beads can be annoying.Please use our method below:

We have researched many types of poly beads for our Wild Grizzly Camera Bean Bags.Our current product, we feel, is the best fill for ease in carrying the bean bag and for holding the camera and lens in place.

But we know that the beads maintain static and therefore, difficult.Don’t become angry, become determined.

Filling Directions

“Pour Poly Beads into a large bowl, or box, or other large container.Use a large kitchen serving spoon to fill.As you fill, use the spoon to pat down the fill into the corners inside the bag.Pack the fill down well.As you near the end, keep putting smaller spoon amounts to fill the top of the bag.Close the bag and pat it down on the top to pack down the beads.Re-open and add more beads.Do it gently, then close zipper.If the top is still too empty, unzip and fill some more, gently”.

We have done this hundreds of times and it works well.

We wish you great images, tons of fun and remember:

“Wild Grizzly Goes Where You Have to Go”



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